måndag 2 september 2013


Don't tell me no lies, brother
I know something's wrong
We all have to find other
Ways to feel we belong
Whatever may come, buddy
Whatever you're going through
You have to find somebody
Or something you love to do
You know that to

Love is the answer it helps us ease the pain
Love is our chance it is simple and it's plain
Fill your heart with love and it will bloom again

And I've also been heart broken
I've also had doubts
When I had my eyes opened
When I found a way out
Your heart needs to love someone
Or something you want to do
You have to find love somehow
You have let it shine through
You know that to

Love is the answer...

Cause love is always there to be found
If you only open your heart
Always there to turn you around
If you're falling apart you know that to

Love is the answer...

Fill your gloomy heart with love
Fill your lonely heart with love