onsdag 4 september 2013


When we are thrown into this world of wonders
Nobody knows where you will live
You might find your whole world is torn asunder
You might get all life can ever give
I was lucky had a caring mother
Never had a need that went unheard
She taught me to always see yourself in others
All the lesser blessed kids in the world

That's why I see them as
All my children 
You should see them as 
All yours too
From the moment of birth 
Till they inherit the earth
Every little kid that cries
Every time some dream just dies
All our children
So we better take better care

There's children living in the streets with no one
Searching through garbage for some food
And all we're giving them is empty slogans
While we all avoid their neighborhood
It's so easy to be condescending
When you got to play a leading role
Sometimes you just have to see how all's depending
On something beyond your own control

That's why I see them as...