onsdag 4 september 2013


A symbol of power
Awakening greed
In your darkest hour
Creating a need
They say it is God's money
It has such allure
So precious and shiny
So honorably pure

It is gold
Making your heart turn cold
Touch it and you are sold
All feelings put on hold
For gold
All the things you've been told
All they say will enfold
Don't you see you've been fooled
By gold

It's only a metal
Yet still so much more
One day it will settle
Society's score
You hide if from big brother
You hide it from all
So you won't be bothered
When everything falls

It is gold...

The same old story
Evoking glory
The magic past
It's coming here at last
We're going faster
Towards disaster
Only one way
That we can save the day

It's gold...