onsdag 6 mars 2013


I can remember my first guitar a Fender shining red
I used to play for hours and hours till my fingers bled
Me and my brother started a rock band with some kids from school
I put up posters over my bed I wanted to look cool
We learned to play the songs of our heroes
We learned to play with love
That's when I knew what I should do 
That's the stuff dreams are made of
Anytime I was feeling down
When my life was so dire
Anytime I was giving up
Those songs lifted me higher

I found a temple
A temple of freedom
A temple of love
I found a temple
Where I found salvation
A help from above
I found the guidance
Through mountains of darkness
Through valleys of light
There in my temple of love
I found strength to do what's right

It was a temple built on a solid base of rock n roll
It had a choir singing the gospel bringing love to all
It had a place for giving confessions all made out of blues
Up in the altar preachers were telling us that we could choose
It was religion based on the freedom living in every soul
Yeah there in my temple of love
That is where I found my role
This was the only church I had
It was my sole companion
It was a truth I could believe
Helped me get through the canyon

I found a temple...

Now I can see my temple in ruins
Nothing left at all
All of the stones were stolen and sold
Just like the Berlin wall
Nobody saw it's worth any longer
Setting people free
Now all we have are past generations' music history
Will future heroes also inspire 
Show all the kids the way
Now all we can do is to pray it comes back again some day
Maybe one day I'll tell them of
How it just made me tremble
Maybe one day they'll find their love
Just like I found my temple

I found a temple...