torsdag 28 mars 2013


Now please don't misunderstand me
I really appreciate all those words
But I just want something grander
Something that can open up new worlds
I know you play the game by the rules
But it takes a little bit more
Cause I don't fall for the same old tricks
That you have used on girls before

Don't write another song
About how much you long
To hold me in our arms
Don't fall for that charm
Don't play another chord
Unless you want me bored
Cause writing lines that rhymes
Won't do in these times
Though poetry is nice
To practice is more wise
And what I really need
For you is to proceed
Yeah all you have to do right now
Is show me you love me
All you have to do 
Is show me you love me

Now I just know you are looking
To figure out how to pick us apart
I'm sure you've read all books
And all magazines how to win my heart
But you don't know the name of the game
Just because you've taken some course
If you are looking to win my heart
You got to show a little force

Don't write another song...

I'm tired of talking
While slowly walking
I've had enough of your romantic balking
Don't talk about attraction
When I'm looking for action