torsdag 14 mars 2013


I left my home town
I just had to leave
Came all the way down
Bacause I believed
I wanted to be someone
I couldn't be at home
I was looking for some fun
Looking for my life to zoom

I came looking for changes
Tried to follow the stream
In the city of angels
In the city of dreams
Tried to find out all I can be
What I truly found was me
I came looking for changes
I found myself
Down in the city of angels

Though all my hard work
I got no big breakthrough
Survived as a clerk
You do what you have to
But one day I met someone
I knew from way back home
Yeah we really had some fun
My life just started to zoom

I came looking for changes...

Now we have moved back
To where we both came from
We took a new track
A new day has come
I'll never forget those years
I'm so glad I went through
Overcoming all my fears
I was rewarded with you

I came looking for changes...